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Vaportech Herbster Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit



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Vaportech Herbster1 Kit

Vaportech Herbster1 Kit is a dry herb1 vape1 pen. Vaportech Herbster1 is the pen vaporizer1 that many people just will not do without. The herbal1 vaporizer1 is smooth, shiny and has an elegant looking finish. It has two style options black and chrome. The vaporizer1 is shaped like a pen, slim and elongated. This is a perfect shape which makes it possible to carry it in your pocket or hand.Incredible levels of power and technology collide to create a vaporizer1 that offers variable voltage, impeccable design and comes with a dry herb1 titanium “pancake” coil.

To Use:

Open heating chamber by twisting/unscrewing the connecting chambers to expose heat coils. Place herb1 on top of coils, do not overpack. Once loaded, reconnect the chambers. Turn your device on/off by clicking the button 5 times.

Kit Includes:

  • Visual Heating chamber
  • Discrete Heating chamber
  • 650 mAh VV Battery
  • Stainless steel dab tool
  • Storage jar
  • USB charger 

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